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The Final Walk-through

Posted on January 11, 2010 by tim in Buying, First Time Home Buyer, Inspection, Walk-through

This part of the home buying process is generally very easy but should not be taken lightly. Before you sign the papers, you want to make sure that everything you and the seller agreed to in the purchase contract has been adhered to.

Items to look for during the walk-though:

1. Is all of the furniture moved out or did they leave an old smelly couch in the basement that they “thought you just might like to have”?

2. Are all items of Personal Property that were negotiated in the contract still in the house? i.e. Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Swing set?

3. Is there anything cosmetically different about the home since you last saw it? i.e. Did the movers punch a hole in the wall while moving out? Did the sellers take permanent fixtures that should have stayed with the house such as towel bars or a chandelier?

4. Did the seller to repair all of the contingency items from the Home Inspection? Many times, it is not easy to tell if certain repairs were made such as a leaky roof or chimney cap. However, receipts should be left in the house, showing that the work was completed by a qualified professional and the invoice paid.

It is always a good idea to do the walk-through at least 24 hours before closing, and not on the way to the round table. You never want to have to re-schedule a closing over something that could have been discovered hours ago!

If you have additional questions about the Final Walk-through or any other part of the home-buying process, please feel free to contact Team Annett at anytime at 513-527-3060 or teamannett@gmail.com .


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